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Cronut Review - Dominique Ansel Bakery

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

The amount of coveted food created, discovered, and enjoyed in NYC is quite frankly, overwhelming. Like the activities, there is such a vast array of options it can be hard to navigate. Yet out of all of them, I was most drawn to an original creation by Dominique Ansel called the "cronut" (blame it on my sweet tooth). It is a hybrid of a donut and a croissant, combining the best of both worlds- the widely recognized shape of a donut with the flaky and buttery texture of a croissant. This texture continues onto the outside where it is caramelized, making a dense and wonderful initial bite. To make things even more interesting, between these layers of heavenly pastry, the cronut is filled with a uniquely flavored fruit jam and a creamy ganache. Then topped with a thick icing on the top with the same flavor. Flavors are normally extravagant, innovative beyond my imagination, and downright delicious. Each month a different flavor is dedicated to the infamous cronut; further piquing the interest of visitors who wait in line, for just a taste of the unique baked good. When we went the flavors were NYC’s Meyer Lemon Wildflower Honey Cronut in July and a Red Plum & Toasted Almond in September. Ansel has multiple bakeries around NYC, but there is only a certain number of cronuts made each day. They normally sell out late morning so if you'd like to try, I would suggest getting there early. It is a busy attraction due to this hot commodity. If you're feeling adventurous, there is an abundance of other delicious items on the menu. Ranging from savory breakfast dishes to fun sweet treats that are almost too cute to eat. Quite frankly, if I could have only one dessert for the rest of my life it would be this (or maybe carrot cake). Be sure to stop by when you're in town and comment your thoughts and experience!

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Nat, you recipe's are amazing thank you for sharing. Your talent for food is greatly appreciated. Wonderful recipe's !

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