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Fall off the bone ribs

Updated: Mar 19, 2021

Make these fall off the bone ribs and I guarantee everyone will be raving about how delicious they are. The best part is that they could not be easier to make, all you need is some time and patience. I cook these in the oven which is also especially convenient. Pair it with my homemade coleslaw recipe and you are set for a perfect summer meal that no one will forget.


  • baby back ribs

  • pork rub or seasoning of your choice (salt & pepper, etc.)

  • Barbeque sauce


  1. Preheat your oven to 270º F.

  2. Remove the membrane behind the ribs.

    1. The membrane binding the ribs is on the side opposite the meat. It is a thin white layer that you need to remove, in order for the ribs to fall apart easily. To do this simply make a cut into the top end of the membrane with a sharp knife. Grab ahold of it and begin peeling back with a paper towel until it is fully removed.

  3. Season ribs generously with seasoning ( you can let this marinate for a few hours for more intense flavor).

  4. Place your ribs meat side facing up in a cookie sheet with sides that will contain excess oil.

  5. Tightly wrap the cookie sheet with aluminum foil and place it into the oven. Cook for 4 hours.

  6. Remove ribs from the oven and pour out the oil. Take your barbecue sauce and spread onto ribs evenly.

  7. Place ribs back into the oven on broil for a few minutes (keep your eye on it) until the BBQ sauce is bubbling & caramelized. Enjoy!

Chef's Notes:

Adjust the cooking time to how many ribs you are making. When I make two racks at a time I cook for at least 4 1/2 hours.

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